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You should find all of the information you need on this page, if you have any questions or requests, please open a ticket at our Support Desk.

What Is Solochecker?

We developed Solochecker as we believe the Solo Ads niche desperately needed a new, innovative and safe environment to connect Solo Ad Buyers with Solo Ad Sellers.  Forget Solo Ad Directories…  Forget ineffective Facebook & Skype groups and Forget budget WordPress based Solo Ad exchanges.. it’s time that the Solo Ads market is bought up-to-date with the technologies we’re using elsewhere on a daily basis.

It’s no surprise that Solo Ads have been around for a while, as many know, Solo Ads are one of the easiest ways to get quick, targeted traffic to your offers or sales funnels.  What is surprising is how these transactions are being dealt with.. it’s still a very manual, inefficient, and of course, there is always a risk that the Solo Ad Seller could simply deliver bogus traffic, or worse still, take the buyers money and disappear.   Unfortunately, this kind of behaviour is still happening today in the numerous Facebook and Skype groups, and with little active enforcement, it’s a very hit-and-miss way of buying Solo Ads.

In late 2012 we decided that the Solo Ads niche needed to be cleaned up, to make it more accessible and safe for buyers to buy from genuine, and carefully monitored Solo Ad sellers.  Throughout our development, we’ve carefully made sure that Solochecker is built around a set of core principles:

1. That it is a 100% safe environment – Our site is hosted on a state-of-the-art, secure SSD cloud server

2. That our Solo Ad Sellers are vetted upon application – They have to be able to pass our security checks before being able to sell

3. That we offer real-time marketplaces, so our buyers can find the best offers in seconds

4. That we continuously improve and update our service, based on our users feedback

5. That we provide an effective dispute resolution service, to help when there is a disagreement

Solochecker launched in September 2013, and since then we’ve seen rapid growth in our user-base; we now have over 2,000 active users, and this number is growing daily.  Since our launch, our marketplace has handled over $130,000 in transactions for Solo Ad Buyers and Sellers.

What Makes Solochecker.com Different?

We work in Real-Time.. which we believe is the ONLY way to effectively manage the mass of offers and information that ordinarily takes hours to scour through.

Our new, groundbreaking Solo Ads platform simplifies the issues surrounding finding, buying and selling solo ads.  We provide complete market visibility which means more informed buyers.. and quicker buying decisions.  The concept of a real-time marketplace also provides that sense of urgency/scarcity to make the purchase, as at ANY moment the desired offer may be reserved, purchased and removed from our marketplace.

Using the technology we’ve developed, it’s now possible to find the best/most suitable Solo Ad in under one minute, and have it completely paid for and booked in another minute!   There’s nothing quite like it out there, and we firmly believe that we’ve developed the best solution for todays Solo Ad needs.

Is Solochecker Safe To Use?

Solochecker is hosted on a state-of-the-art, 256 Bit Encrypted, Secure Cloud SSD server.  As and when we need to scale our capacity, we can do so in a few clicks.

Client/member security is one of the most important issues for us.. we refuse to compromise on security.  We’re using an EV SSL certificate signed by Go Daddy to ensure our client data stays safe and secure at all times.

Another VERY important thing for us is the quality of seller/buyer we allow to use our service.. we’re looking to become the number one place to buy and sell Solo Ads online, and to accomplish this know that our members need to see REAL results, here are some of the things we going to be doing to make Solochecker the number ONE place to buy and sell Solo Ads:

1.  We’ve included a dispute feature, so if for any reason there is an issue between the buyer/seller we will be made aware of it

2.  If disputes are not resolved, we will look at the evidence and take the appropriate action (including terminating accounts if necessary)

3.  We’ll be monitoring Solo Ad Sellers service levels.. If we see a poor-performing Solo Ad vendor, we will assist them and expect an improvement, if this doesn’t happen we reserve the right to remove them from the marketplace

4.  If buyers ignore Vendors offer terms and purchase their Solo Ads for unsuitable offers, the Vendors can report them.. too many strikes and they’ll be removed

5.  We offer complete visibility of Solo Ad markets by price and Vendor Reputation (built up from previous sales).  This will assist the buyers finding the best offer for their needs and in making their purchase


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Our Sales Funnel

We’re offering a paid membership for both Buyers and Sellers, we are also offering basic free memberships for buyers.  Anyone who joins as a free member will receive a lifetime cookie, so if/when they decide to upgrade to a paid membership, you will receive a commission.

Our ‘Premium Buyer’ Membership includes additional features designed to save more money, time and to get extra free clicks from Solo Ad Sellers who are offering promotions.  Free buyers will not have access to any of the Premium features, so will not be able to use Promo Codes, or the other advanced buyer features.




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If you’ve got any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us – Please open a ticket on our support desk & we’ll get back to you asap!

Thanks again for your interest in Solochecker.com.. we’re looking forward to having you on board!

Tim Shrieves